No More Diapers! Potty Training Tips and Books for Potty Training

No More Diapers! Potty Training Tips and Books for Potty Training

Is your little one ready to ditch the diapers? Potty training is an important step in a child's growth and development. For some, this new stage can be no big deal. But for others, it can be quite inconsistent, creating some frustration and anxiety for parents. Here are some tips, tricks and tactics to help potty training go a bit smoother.

Be Encouraging:

Encourage your child to want to be wearing underwear by getting them some fun undies with their favourite characters and saying things like "wearing underwear is so fun!".

Giving lots of praise during this process is also a crucial way of offering encouragement and support! Whether it’s a hug, a high-five, or a special “potty training hand shake”; make sure that your little one knows when they’ve done a good job! This can result in more effort and participation from your child, and will encourage them to lose the diapers and get on the big kid pants!

Make It Fun: 

Coming up with a special "potty song", something light and silly or reading a silly book is a fun way to excite your child about using the potty. Try doing a “potty magic trick” by adding a splash of
some blue dye/food colouring (or blue toilet bowl cleaner) into your toilet, and watch the toilet
water turn green after your little one pees! 

Dress Efficiently:

To avoid accidents or additional frustration, make sure your child is dressed efficiently to make
getting undressed for the potty go smoother and easier! This might mean staying clear of any pants with zippers, buttons, or overalls and instead choose pants that can be pulled up and down with no additional steps or unnecessary hassle.

Get Kids Involved: 

Let your child feel a sense of independence and inclusiveness by letting them choose their potty. They can also add stickers to the sides of their potty to make it more personal and special to them!

Letting them also choose their first pair of underwear can be a great form of encouragement. Whether a favorite cartoon character, an animal or a crazy fun pattern is more their style, the more interesting you can make potty training to them, the more they will want to use their potty.

Make a Schedule:

Creating a potty schedule can make this transition smoother. Kids crave routine and love knowing what's coming up next. Knowing that they are going to go to the potty after eating and before naptime helps to create that important structure and routine in their day and can help make potty training go smoother.

Grab a Potty Book: 

Kids love imitating the characters they see in stories. Potty books are a great way to encourage potty training. Some books even have stickers and reward systems for extra encouragement.

At Chickadee Kids Company, we are well stocked with some great potty training books for toddlers. Some of our favourite potty training books include the Peek a Poop Lift the Flap Potty Book,
and Why Do We Need a Potty? which are both  interactive pages with flaps kids can lift and learn about!

Another great book is Potty Time! which comes with a fun sound module of a toilet flushing!


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