The 5 Developmental Benefits of Dress-Up Pretend Play

The 5 Developmental Benefits of Dress-Up Pretend Play

We’re all told as kids, “you can be anything you want to be!” From a fireman to a vet, dress-up
pretend play is a fantastic way of allowing your children to know and feel this affirmation. This
form of play comes with many amazing benefits!

1. Encourages creativity

Dress-up pretend play gives children the opportunity to build upon their creativity by making
their own character and by generating the stories and situations which they are playing in. This
offers children the chance to increase their imagination and allows them to become whatever
they want to be.

2. Social skill development

While dress-up pretend play can certainly be a one-person show, this type of play can allow
for social interaction. As each child has their own special role, communication
and social skills are strongly used, for this is how their storyline and characters can progress
and continue forward.

3. Language growth

You’ll never see a child playing dress-up in silence! Dress-up pretend play gives children the
chance to be someone different, which means lots of storytelling and lots of sound effects. This
is also a great, hidden way for children to expand upon their vocabulary, while practicing their
speaking skills.

4. Motor skills practice

Whether it’s zippers, buttons, velcro, or ties, costumes come with all sorts of ways to be suited
up and ready to be worn. These fitted details allow kids to be given the chance to improve their
more fine motor skills, while more extravagant actions, like running, jumping, even ‘flying’, can
provide opportunity for their larger motor skill practice.

5. Empathy building

Pretend play offers an amazing opportunity for kids to learn and practice empathy. Whether engaging in hero/villain storylines or role-playing a doctor healing their patient, pretend play offers children an opportunity to view the world through the lens of someone else.

No matter what your child is called towards, dress-up pretend play is suitable for all
preferences, interests, and imaginations!


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