Our Top 5 Board Games for 2 Year Olds

Our Top 5 Board Games for 2 Year Olds

Kids as young as 2 years old can receive great benefits from playing board games. Check out our Top 5 Board Games for Toddlers.

Our Top 5 Board Games for 2 Year Olds

Remember family game night? Board Games are a fun family friendly activity that not only serves up a few laughs, but have some great developmental benefits too. This can be true for all ages, including toddlers! Kids as young as 2 years old can receive great benefits from playing board games; from turn taking to language development and even gross motor skills. There are many amazing board games for toddlers that can provide more than just a fun time with the family!

Panda’s Picnic in the Park by Peaceable Kingdom 

This game, recommended for children 2 years old and above, offers a chance for children to
practice their colours and shapes, while learning about taking turns. As learning is all about
growth, this game includes a guide providing several types of ways in which this game can be
played, allowing the child to find improvement as they play these different variations!

Seek a Boo by Mindware

This fun, active game offers a creative way for kids to improve their memory, build their
vocabulary, and gain strength in their larger motor skills. Suitable for 18 months and above, this
game is ideal for children who are learning their shapes, colours, animals, foods, and more! Burn some energy, learn and have fun all at the same time? Win-win-win! 

Where’s Bear? by Peaceable Kingdom

This adorable game is great for toddlers. Recommended for ages 2 years old and above, who
are learning about cooperation and are beginning to build their memory skills. This turn-taking
game allows players to hide and find the Bear, which strongly encourages problem-solving and
social skills! As this game can be played with multiple people, cooperation and communication abilities can be focused on and improved in all players!

Get Up for Pup by Peaceable Kingdom

A game about puppies? What a winner! This is a great option for anyone looking for a game that
offers educational and physical development in toddlers! As this cute, engaging board game
incorporates physical movement, like jumping, dancing, and crawling, the whole family will have
a blast being up and active while the kids are improving their gross-motor skills. This game
is also centered around listening skill development, patience enhancement, improvement in one’s
ability to follow directions and gaining a greater vocabulary! Whether played at home or in the
classroom, it is suitable for both environments!

Button Button Belly Button by Peaceable Kingdom

Could you guess what this game is about? Did the title give it away? This funny, exciting board
game teaches toddlers the concept of similarities and differences, while promoting full body
awareness and language skill improvement. As the players take turns matching the button
cards’ colours to the Bear’s colour, children’s visual and cognitive comprehension, through
actions like colour recognition and comparison, will be acknowledged, developed, and pushed
to be strengthened!

Board games are more than just a fun family activity. Many board games can be used as a great way to provide educational benefits and growth to toddlers while still disguising the lessons as games! Plus, a board game might take away the many stresses of learning (yes, for the parents too!).


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