Fundraising Program

Do you have a school? Non-profit or charitable organization?


We get a lot of donation requests. Like a LOT! While we would love to be able to help every organization and school in our city, as a small business, we often don’t have the budget to provide cash donations or product donations when asked. So, we have decided to put together a fundraising program that will allow us to help support our community organizations even more than one raffle prize donation could. 


If you have are a school, preschool or nonprofit organization, or are in need of a really awesome fundraising initiative that raises funds for your organization and also supports your local businesses, we have 2 options for you! 


Option 1: After-Hours Shopping Party 

Invite your friends and supporters to a fun after hours shopping party at our store. 20% of the sales made during your party go back to your organization. The more your friends and supporters shop, the more you get for your organization! 


Option 2: Promo Code Fundraiser

If a party isn’t your jam, we also have a promo code option. We will give you a promo code to share with your friends and supporters. The promo code will be active for a set amount of time. Your friends and supporters can shop in store or online, use the promo code and 20% of sales using that promo code will be donated back to your school or organization. 


Contact us for more info on our Fundraising Program.