Painted Lady Caterpillar Kit - 5 Caterpillars - PRE-ORDER (June)

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PRE-ORDER Closes March 5, 2022 (or while supplies last)

In this Butterfly Raising Kit, you will receive: 5 painted lady caterpillars in individual cups, food, instruction sheet, cleaning brush and a Butterfly Life Cycle Activity Kit, designed by us. 


You will have to pick up within max of 48 hours of us telling you they are here. These are LIVE animals, we cannot hold them for longer than 48 hours. Local delivery can be arranged for a fee of $5.00 and the caterpillars will be delivered to your door within 24 hours of us receiving them.

Caterpillars are expected to arrive sometime in JUNE, however, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. We will try to keep you as updated as possible with the shipping info. We will email you when we know they have shipped to our store so you will have an idea of what date they will be available to pick up and we will email or call you as soon as they arrive in store. 

This order is NON-REFUNDABLE.

This kit does not contain a butterfly habitat. These are sold seperately. 


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