National Geographic Science Magic Activity Kit

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The National Geographic Science Magic Activity Kit gives your child the chance to be a scientist and magician all at once! This exciting science magic kit has everything you need to conduct 15 experiments that also double as magic tricks. Plus, there are enough materials for you to practice your experiments once or twice before you put on an amazing magic show for your family and friends. And yes, magic wand and white gloves are included! What are some of the incredible things you’ll do? How about making a test tube disappear, changing the color of water, creating a square bubble, and cleaning up an oil spill? And that’s not all! Our full-color experiment guide features illustrated, kid-friendly instructions for each experiment, along with insight into the science at work. Your kids will learn so much about chemistry and physics they'll practically be experts! And the fun doesn't stop there. We also include a bonus experiment guide with 10 easy-to-perform science experiments using common household items. This is a phenomenal gift for girls and boys that love science and magic because it's the best of both worlds!
1g Aerogel
40g hydrophobic sand
100mL Vegetable oil
24g Instant snow powder
5g red cabbage powder
20g citric acid
22g sodium bicarbonate
1 test tube
1 beaker
1 pipette
2 measuring scoops
3 clear cups
3 paper cups
2 sponges
3 cotton balls
4 sheets of pH indicator paper
1 spray bottle
1 colourless crayon
1 pair of cotton gloves
1 magic wand
12 pipe cleaners
1 experiment guide
1 book of 10 experiments
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