My Kindness Calendar Advent Calendar


NOTE: This is a Pre-Order item. Order by November 13th for pick up or delivery after November 16th.

My Kindness Advent Calendar is a new tradition for every family who wants to focus on giving back during the holiday season. Like a traditional Advent calendar, My Kindness Advent Calendar helps kids count down to Christmas during the month of December, but instead of getting a chocolate or toy, each day is an opportunity to give an act of kindness. Choose an act of kindness daily, from December 1 to December 25, from the reusable Kindness Decals included with your calendar or by adding your own ideas to the customizable decals. 

Key features:

♡ REUSABLE: Removable and reusable fabric decals can be used year after year

♡ QUALITY: Durable decals leave no residue and maintain quality with each use

♡ TEACHING TOOL: Promotes social-emotional learning through child-led activity

♡ ALL AGES: Engaging, fun and relevant for both kids and adults

♡ CUSTOMIZABLE: A one-of-a-kind experience with customizable decals included 

♡ LOCAL: Designed and ethically made in North America 

♡ GIVES BACK: 5% of profits donated annually to deserving charities 

Each Calendar contains:
- 1 reusable My Kindness Advent Calendar (18" x 22")
- 25 reusable Kindness Decals, featuring suggested acts of kindness
- 5 customizable and reusable Kindness Decals

Included are acts of kindness towards family, friends, the local and global community, the environment and ourselves! Examples include "Give a Hug", "Plant Something", "Make Dinner as a Family", and "Donate to a Food Bank".

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