Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad - Jungle & Savanna

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Create your own wild adventures by filling up the five reusable habitat scenes with more than 175 colorful, detailed, and cling-style stickers! The five glossy, lush, full-color backgrounds (African savanna, Asian jungle, Australian Outback, Amazon jungle, African Congo help set the scene and spur the imagination. Each of these provides lots of space to play creatively. The pages all pull out easily and cleanly so this cool set is easy to share or use for kids’ parties or other activities. This pad promotes fine motor skills, creative play, and potentially imaginative play and social connection. The colorful, kid-friendly stickers (for ages three and up), are organized by scene, stick easily, pull up cleanly, and can be used again and again to keep bringing new jungle and savanna adventures to life!

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