I'm Not (Very) Afraid of Being Alone

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A lyrical exploration of a little girl's fear of being alone, witha gentle, reassuring conclusion. A little girl doesn't like being left alone in a room in her house, even though her daddy is just in the next room. Told from the little girl's perspective, the story explores a worry common to young children in a gentle, humorous way, coming to a lovely, comforting conclusion that might help allay any similar fears a reader may have. Beautiful laser cut holes emphasise her feeling of being alone and her feeling of connectedness to her father throughout the book. Gorgeous, characterful illustrations bring the little girl and her family warmly to life. Many childrenhave a period of separation anxiety - not only when they are babies, but when they are a little older too. This story is a way of exploring the subject in a gentle way and offers a comforting way of thinking about it.

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