I Feel Lonely

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Help young readers relate to their feelings and loneliness with this lovingly illustrated boardbook, filled with characters to help kids understand their emotions

Sometimes you feel lonely. It’s a strange feeling that can make you feel sad and worried! This adorable first emotions book introduces children to the feeling of loneliness, what happens inside our bodies, and all the things you can do to stop feeling lonely.

Inside the pages of this illustrated board book, you’ll discover:

   • Clear questions directed at young readers that create an interactive learning experience
   • Illustratio ns and bright colors to engage young children
   • A simple and easy-to-understand approach to explaining emotions
   • An Ideal gift for children aged 3-5 years 

Help children explore their emotions

Let your youngsters follow the story of the little Moon character who explores how loneliness looks and feels and how to find helpful ways to stop feeling blue. Questions such as, “What should you do if you see someone who is lonely?", turn the book into a fun and educational reading experience. Children will learn helpful ways to cope with their emotions and how to reach out to someone who might need a friend.

This wonderful nursery book helps children build their language and vocabulary skills and encourages them to talk about their emotions, especially if they have difficulty expressing feelings. It’s the perfect book for parents who want to boost their child’s confidence or preschool teachers looking for resources to help teach social and emotional skills

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