Grimm's Grasping Toy Bead Grasper, Pastel

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The Grimm's Beads Graper is a great toy for babies to grasp. The beads are tied with elastic allowing you to manipulate the beads around each other, providing a great sensory experience both in touch and hearing the wooden beads clang together.

This is also a great tool for older children as it can be used as a fidget to help manage anxiety and stress.

The pastel-coloured Beads Grasper is made with maple wood, and finished with non-toxic water-based colour stain. Grasper diameter 11cm, made with 12 individual beads with diameter 3cm each.

Wood gives many different sensory experiences. It has grain, and its sometimes lighter or darker. It is hard or soft, rough or smooth and smells nice. It sounds different, is heavy and feels good in our hands with its warmth and distinct surface.

Safety rated for ages 0+

CARE OF BEADS GRASPER: For care simply use soapy water with a damp cloth for cleaning. Dry immediately. Please do not submerge in water and do NOT use disinfectant or hot water.

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