Gluckskafer Nesting Fir Tree

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This gorgeous evergreen includes 6 lovely pieces for stacking and arranging. Perfect as an early puzzle and stacking toy, this toy ages and adapts along with your child. Pair with elves, fairies, or woodland figures to transform this stacker into the perfect setting for imaginary play. Inspiring in shades of green, we love how this piece brings the outdoors in. This stacker is finished with water-based stains that allow the wood grain and character to shine through. The slightly rough, unpolished finish also allows for the pieces to be easily stacked and arranged without slipping, which makes them perfect for constructing with. 

Gluckskafer is a German company that craft beautiful, high quality toys in Europe using FSC-certified woods, wool, and steel. The wooden stacking and building toys are thoughtfully designed for open-ended play and are a favourite among Waldorf and Montessori educators. Gluckskafer also makes some of the most beautiful and functional house play tools, including real kitchen and gardening tools that are perfectly suited for little hands. Timeless toys with quality materials that will provide years of play.

  • measures 18 x 13 x 6 cm
  • recommended for ages 3 and up
  • made of FSC-certified wood
  • includes 6 pieces
  • made in Europe
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