Design & Drill Marble Maze

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Make a maze! Building game meets engineering with this manual maze. Mini-makers use a kid-friendly electric drill and colorful bolts to attach 15 pieces of rails of different lengths and shapes to complete 10 different maze challenges

Discover learning the rod. The Design & Drill Marble Maze is a show of STEM skills. Kids test their critical thinking skills as they explore the principles of science and engineering to complete maze challenges

Develop quality motor skills. Select and place a bolt or maze, aim the drill and squeeze the trigger to hold it in place - and develop the fine motor skills needed to tie shoes and hold a pencil

Includes: 12 x 10 inch boards, 15 pieces, kid-friendly electric drill, 20 bolts, ball and 10 double-sided challenge cards. The drill works with 3 AAA batteries (not included). 


Age 5+

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