Clipaclip Snapping Toy

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Discover the Djeco Clipaclip early learning toy, an educational motor skills game on shapes and colors for children from 3 years old. A very ingenious clip-on toy.

Your child will have to observe the cards (8 cards are available) and make the illustrations by "clipping" the 9 wooden pieces, respecting the shapes and colors. 3 colors (yellow, orange and red) and 9 characters.

3 yellow characters with the bird, the pear and the lemon, 3 orange characters with the hazelnut, the squirrel and the owl, and 3 red characters with the apple, the flower and the cherries.

A communication game with your child: What color is the lemon? Where should you put it? A game to approach colors, shapes but also landmarks in space (above,

A very complete educational game that children will love;

A very nice gift idea with this original and playful awakening toy

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