Chasing Fireflies Game

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Chasing Fireflies from Toysmith is a fun game kids can play indoors or outdoors as they try to seek the shining fireflies, which are battery operated. 

The set includes two 5-inch plastic mason jars. One jar contains five blue fireflies and the other contains five green fireflies. The outer shell of the fireflies is actually the same---a see-through turquoise, but when lit-up they shine in the different colors. Each firefly measures out to be 2.75 inches in length, making them JUMBO in comparison to the true size of a firefly. The faces on the fireflies have adorable painted faces; big black eyes, eyebrows, tiny eyelashes and a smile, of course.

The fun comes from playing hide-and-seek, or, in this case, shine-and-seek as an adult hides the fireflies and teams race to find their blue or green fireflies. Once they find them, they add them to the jar. The team that finds all five of their colored fireflies first wins. 

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