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What Do You Do With a Wobble Board?

What Do You Do With a Wobble Board? You're probably wondering right now; why is a piece of curved wood a sought after toy? A wobble board is simply a piece of curved wood taking the shape of a semicircle. I know, right? How is a curved piece of wood a toy? Well, you know how sometimes you buy your kids a super expensive toy that comes in a great big box and they end up playing for hours with the box; turning it into a rocket and then a boat and finally a castle? Well, a lot of the same can be said for the wobble board; the world's most versatile open ended toy. 

What Is Open Ended Play

What Is Open Ended Play Open ended play is play that has no fixed rules about how a toy should be used. Play is 90% child and 10% toy. There's no "right" or "wrong" way for the toy to be played with. There are no buttons to press to tell you what to do. Instead, the child has all the freedom to choose what to do with them. For example, a toy doll that comes with many pieces and moves, and has a certain way to play with it, doesn’t allow the child to imagine what they can do with it. But with a doll that is unmoving and silent, the child can take other toys and create a game with the doll. The doll can be a princess, a doctor, an athlete… anything they want!