Costumes Aren't Just For Halloween

Costumes Aren't Just For Halloween

Don't put away the costumes on Halloween night just yet. Pretend play has some amazing developmental benefits for kids.

I’m that mom who uses Halloween as an excuse to stock up on role play costumes. My 7-year-old has never been able to settle on just one costume for Halloween. He goes from wanting to be a police officer in early October, to spiderman in mid-October and by Halloween night he wants to be a dragon. Costumes in our house are used so often I usually forget their intended use was Halloween. 


Costumes provide so many great play benefits. I love the Great Pretenders costumes for their durability, washability (they are machine-washable), and their amazing realistic design. 


Pretend play has so many great developmental benefits, beyond being used going door to door to fill a bucket with candy. 


Encourages Creativity

Costumes and pretend play provide children with the opportunity to make their own storyline. When they’re in costume, they feel the freedom to act out different characters’ personalities, tell stories and use their imaginations.


Social Skill Development

Role play allows for social interaction. Kids will create a storyline, incorporating others into their little world. If you’ve ever been asked to play the patient for your child when they’re dressed up as a doctor, you know that role play gives kids the opportunity to interact differently and can even help them flex their empathy muscles by viewing the world through the lens of someone else.


Language Development 

When kids are in costume, they are often speaking, telling stories and using sound effects. Being in costume allows kids to expand their vocabulary, and practice words or phrases that they often hear but don’t get to say. 


So on Halloween night, don’t put the costumes away just yet. Leave them out and see what fun uses your child will discover for pretend play. 


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